Channel Activation

Essentially, consumers have the mic. And we're all listening.  At VML, we've made it our practice to keep current with the evolution of advertising media. We keep pace with the churn. It's how we make sure our marketing syncs up with how people really live, work and play in the digital space.

Media Services

Through an owned–paid–earned approach, we can make the best use of spend and your brand capital. Essentially, the media you own and earn can buy you more impact when mixed well with the media you buy.


Really, we like to think of ourselves as media-agnostic. We look at all opportunities in digital, social and emerging media as well as traditional. We analyze your objectives and develop audience insights. Then we plot the best course to reach both — goals and people — through the most relevant media channels. And with more consumer insight than ever before, we're able to create and gauge movement from attention and engagement to actual conversion and the creation of evangelists. With analytics and real-time measurement, performance is more knowable than ever.


Owned media: your website, your product and your packaging.

Paid media: broadcast, print, online advertising, keywords.

Earned media: public relations, Facebook profile, Twitter, YouTube.


At VML, we find and reach your target in a fragmented media environment. We dig into and determine the key themes of your customers' conversations and points of influence online. This research and understanding helps strengthen our messaging, paid search term development and online placement strategy.


Email marketing is a key to keep in touch with customers and continually nurture the relationship. At VML, we consider this an important part of most media plans. Our email marketing team deepens your relationships with your customers by finding the best way to talk to them. 


Search Engine Optimization

With a dedicated Search Engine Optimization team, we can anticipate your ever-changing needs and deliver real solutions. Working closely with User Experience, Design and Creative teams for maximum organic search engine visibility, our SEO team is on board throughout the entire development process.


And because SEO is a constantly changing industry, we’ll keep an eye on things — making sure your visibility is always optimized. Using SEO fundamentals and optimization techniques (white hat SEO), we’ll make sure your site has the best chance of showing up at the top.

What we do:

  • Create optimized content strategies
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Page title optimization
  • Media optimization
  • Linking strategy

Social Media

Real influence is now in the hands of consumers. (Consumers trust other consumers by over 2 to 1.) That means a brand’s business objectives must meet consumer needs to be successful. Understanding those objectives helps define social strategies to articulate what the brand stands for and the opportunity that exists to support that story through social media channels. Friends have influence. Social media has connections. We just introduce what consumers want to connect with: value.


A brand that’s social listens to consumers and is active in the community. We identify sites and voices online that influence your consumers the most and then listen to them for insights. We then follow through with a commitment to actively engage your consumers online while measuring success along the way. Bottom line: It takes work to be popular.

What we do:

  • Digital monitoring
  • Strategy development
  • Social marketing training
  • Social marketing execution
  • Content strategy
  • Community management
  • Activation
  • Social marketing analytics


In order to support our clients’ growing need to support mobile devices, VML established a dedicated Mobile Marketing Group that offers in-house mobile expertise — right in the palm of your hand.


And not just phones and PDAs, but also iPads, Kindles, in-car GPS, portable video, handheld gaming and music players. Mobile is the next generation of the digital movement. And it could be in your pocket right now. 


Our mobile approach is about identifying opportunities that meet both the consumer’s needs and your business goals. Research reveals insights into the audience and then initiatives are tailored for the space that’s most impactful. We find the rhythm that moves the most people.

What we do:

  • Mobile marketing strategy
  • Messaging programs
  • Optimized mobile sites
  • Native applications
  • Media planning
  • Technical integration and development
  • Mobile user experience/design
  • Measurement and reporting


Using Social Media to Save Lobsters

Every coupon download, Facebook like and retweet from helped add more lobsters to our live streaming tank.

Loneliest Lobster