Don’t call it a comeback: Why the new Myspace is a game changer

Yes, Myspace is re-launching early next year with a unique perspective that will propel it as the social platform for music it should have been years ago — the one you always wish you had when you say, “If I knew then what I know now, I would …”


Gone are the days of animated GIFs and the music of the moment blaring as you hit someone’s page. Now Myspace is focused on music. With the help and fresh attitude of its pop star investor Justin Timberlake, Myspace is set to dominate the online music world. 


Myspace owns the rights to the largest music library out there — all major labels along with many others. Thank the old Myspace for the grandfathered license deals.


Building a platform around this massive library will allow you to hear all your favorites and watch the video created in high resolution and then find music by “similar” artists. This is the best feature and reason you will keep it playing for hours on end. The intuitive idea of allowing mixes combined with smart sharing features will cement Myspace in the small circle of necessary social networks. 


By using terms like “affinity” and “connection” for relationships to artists and brands, Myspace allows users to better predict what they will like in an over stimulated world. When the site is in full use by the creative world, artists will fill out profiles that allow users to find them based on shared taste in music and artists. For example, if you like Justin Timberlake, you can find new music from artists who also like Justin Timberlake even though they may have a completely different sound than JT’s.


To Myspace’s credit, the company has completely walked away from competition with Facebook. In fact, Myspace allows users to sign in using Facebook.


From a marketing and brand perspective, Myspace is getting the attention of marketers by asking large brands to be “pillars” in its launch. These brands will not be slammed in front of a music fan but integrated in the web property and events throughout the year.


A brand that chooses to be part of the launch will literally be sponsoring live-music events and tours. The best part of that is the “events” button right below the music-playing links on the dot-com. Tying the virtual and physical world together is something we push partners with VML to do at all times.


Overall, the new direction Myspace has taken is impressive. It has humbly learned from past successes and failures and has created something that will resonate in a world of many social outlets. Right now, most of us have three platforms we engage with regularly. Be prepared to find room for Myspace in that group. 


Check out and let me know what you think.


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