TED 2013 Speaker Lineup: Top 5 Picks

It has been a big month for announcements. First the Oscars, then the Wakarusa line up and then, most important of all, the TED 2013 speakers.


The TED conference is synonymous with mind-blowing collection of diverse speakers, and this year is no exception. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Bono.  No introduction necessary. Who wouldn't want to hear from a guy with a resume like this: Rock star, venture capitalist with Elevation Partners advertising icon for Louis Vuitton and humanitarian activist. He's bigger than life, and all in a day's work when you're Bono. Chuck Klosterman's 2004 profile of Bono in Spin magazine is worth revisiting in preparation for TED.


Erik Brynjolfssen. Economist and behavioral theorist. If you are a fan of Chris Anderson's The Long Tail, then the work of Brynjolfssen will be of interest. Great insights into questions around the impact of information technology on how consumers shop, and how companies seek break-out superstar products. A must-read for all students of marketing. 


Andrew McAfee. Professor of Management and expert on the impact of information technology on how businesses achieve competitive advantage. He coined the term "Enterprise 2.0" to describe the transformational effects of consumer technologies like social-networking, crowd-sourcing, and knowledge sharing inside large organizations on their growth and culture. Fascinating reads here.


Vint Cerf. Unquestionably the most lauded computer scientist in America. The "father of the internet" credited with co-creating TCP/IP.  


Jim Flynn. Political scientist and social critic. For those familiar with the contentious debates around IQ, race, and class, Jim's work will add clarity to the complex and often quarrelsome discussion. Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man and Charles Murry's The Bell Curve are must reads (if competing views) on the topic in addition to Flynn's Race, IQ, and Jensen. Flynn is bound to spark lively debate at the conference.


Those are my picks. What do you think? Find me on Twitter @fjurden.

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