VML Updates Team USA's online, social media presence

“Had a very busy day between practice and lots of flag bearer media. … All very exciting stuff!!”


Mariel Zagunis, fencer chosen to lead in the U.S. Olympic team Friday night.


“She gave me a pin … Serena Williams!”


Sam Mikulak, U.S. gymnast.


“sooo happy we won :)) looking forward to the next game!!


Ali Krieger, No. 11 on the U.S. women’s soccer team after the game with France.


The twittered excitement — along with phone grabs, such as volleyball player Destinee Hooker’s fingernails decorated with the Union Jack, Olympic rings and flags of other nations — are rolling in.


In case you hadn’t noticed, London 2012 is more than the Games of the XXX Olympiad where athletes compete for medals. It’s also the first social media games where athletes tweet, text and blog, make smartphone videos and post personal updates to Twitter and Facebook.


And when it comes to capturing this daily digital discourse for Team USA, millions of Olympic fans can thank a company from Kansas City.


VML, a global advertising and marketing firm with offices at WheelerDowntown Airport, recently modernized the U.S. Olympic Committee’s website — teamusa.org — to make it more attractive, easier to use, and more compatible with the digital world.


Read the full article by James A. Fussell of The Kansas City Star here.