Future-proofing a century-old service.

Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s largest bank and one of the top few in the world. In 2013, the brand sought partnership with VML, seeking what they needed most—a complete website overhaul. VML then lead a multi-vendor strike team including Google and Adobe to deliver a truly top-quality banking site.

After a year of development, VML delivered a fully responsive site that made CommBank’s experience digital at its core. In 2014, the brand was so impressed, they shifted all of their digital work to VML. We now work on an ongoing project basis, maintaining and continuing to evolve the brand’s digital presence and user experience journey.

Case study

Delivering Australia’s #1 bank a reimagined online destination.

As digital partner, VML worked collaboratively with Commonwealth Bank to deliver a new way of representing a bank in the digital space. VML created a revolutionary online banking website by delivering a Customer-Centric Banking experience, that evolved and changed based on the users interactions with the bank. 


Being the most visited bank website in Australia meant we knew a lot about what our customers wanted, and we needed to rebuild our website from a totally consumer-centric point of view.


We redesigned the whole experience from the ground up, focusing on making it mobile-first, costumer-focused and as responsive and intuitive as possible. We created Customer-Centric Banking, an online banking experience that continuously & seamlessly tailored to you – wherever you are, and whatever device you’re using.


Putting the customer’s goals at the centre of every interaction with the website yielded impressive results. Within the first week of launch there was a 289% increase in credit card applications, 305% increase in personal loan applications and 299% increase in transaction account applications.

Awards & Recognition

AC&E Awards
Mobius Awards
Spikes Asia
One Show Interactive