Delivering excellence across experience

VML and Charter Hall kicked off our partnership in 2017 with a wide ranging review of the Charter Hall brand startegy and identity. Since then the team have gone over to deliver an innovative brand architecture which is now being rolled out across new online and offline experiences. 

Case study

Giving Office 365 a more meaningful role.

VML worked with Microsoft to give their subscription-model suite of apps a new purpose. By positioning Office 365 as an enabler, we drove awareness of the cloud-based solution and its benefits while emphasising the human element of its use.


Office 365 had very low awareness amongst Australians. While they were almost all familiar with the core apps of the Office suite in general, they had little understanding of the points of difference or the subscription model for accessing Office 365.


To demonstrate how Office 365 enables customers to achieve what’s significant to them, we told a very real story about Julia, a little girl with a big idea: to create flavoured bubbles. Using all of the Office 365 features, we took viewers on a journey, proving that a simple suite of apps really can turn any dream into a reality.


Our campaign demonstrated the entire Office 365 suite in an engaging and memorable way. We also exceeded projected video views by 40% and bettered the projected click-through rate by 12%.