Bringing an established brand to a new market.

In 2014, we began working with Crayola as their leading digital agency in China. Originally, our role was only to serve their strategic and creative needs in digital space, social media, and e-commerce. But we made such an impression, and VML soon expanded to agency of record.

We continue our close partnership with the brand, and have begun to integrate media buying, event activation, and other above-the-line services. So far, we’ve established a long-term digital engagement platform that has not only increased active social engagement, but has driven incredible awareness and sales. 

Case study

See children's power to create.

Crayola, a brand with more than a 100 years of history in US, believes that every child is born with his/her own power to create. It lies in the child’s mind and dream. Crayola gives children the power to create everything that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, imagine and dream. Crayola inspires everything imaginable.


Crayola entered into the China market a little late (in 2013) with rather low brand awareness. Crayola's retail growth was constrained by channel & distribution challenges. The brand realized that it should be more proactive & aggressive on digital platforms & e-commerce, tapping into the larger base of consumers who are active on digital and social platforms.


Focusing strongly on the insight of mom who love to share their kid's content creation on social platform. We developed a branded 3D virtual art gallery that was every child's first-ever personal art exhibition, sharable online, expanding the brand experience. We even produced some of the art for real to help spread the word and bring the "See Children's Power to Create" campaign beyond just the virtual world.


The campaign earned 13 million impressions through our hashtag, all on the microblogging service, Weibo. Crayola witnessed a 49% increase in active searches on Baidu, and saw an e-commerce sales increase of 116% in just six months.

Awards & Recognition

Effie Awards 2014 Bronze Award
ECI Awards