Case study

Your kitchen can be the best restaurant in the world.

Having less oil, if it needs to be, only high quality oil, becomes the new trend for Chinese young white collars' daily life.  


Gallo, an olive oil brand with over a century of history, with its brand pursuit of "Your home kitchen is the best restaurant of all" came to Chinese families' kitchens. To show how Gallo can turn your very own kitchen be the best restaurant in the world, we explored different ways to showcase and engage with consumers. 


We wanted to help Gallo increase brand recognition and online awareness among young people by starting a 4D cooking show for consumers, including introducing celebrity chefs to cook with Gallo, started online comics themed as "the return of cooking heroes", partnered with "Xia Chufang" app and getting chefs to cook for consumers at their home. 


This campaign earned exposures of 150,000 and 160,000 engagement volumn on official Weibo account. Gallo's #Olive Date Plan# online campaign first invited private Chef to home for fans, which became a viral phenomenon and earned 3 million exposures on social media.