Outpacing the increasing competition.

In 2015, Kang Shi Fu Green Tea needed a nearly-immediate development of the year’s digital marketing strategy. VML jumped on the project to create something quick without sacrificing quality. We delivered a 360º marketing plan that prepared the brand for the year ahead and solidified our partnership.

VML became KSF’s agency of record, and we’ve since revamped the brand’s website, created an innovative new mobile app, and helped the brand increase its market share four percent in our first year alone.

Despite existing in an extremely competitive market that shrinks more every day, we've given the brand the ability to adapt faster to ensure a future of healthy growth for our partner.

Case study

Giving consumers a choice and a change.

Drinking green tea is strongly perceived and acknowledged by many Chinese consumers that it is a healthy lifestyle. Kang Shi Fu Green Tea hopes to bring a new healthy lifestyle of consuming green tea to a new generation of young internet users through innovation.


In the beverage market, the green tea market is declining every year. Consumers' desire to consume sweetened green tea gradually drops when the preference in "sugar-free" and vitamin beverages becomes higher. With the shift of consumers' preference, Kang Shi Fu green tea decided to run a marketing campaign with desire to retain market share for the sweet green tea beverage category.


Chinese youth desire to pursue a healthy way of life, but many of them have limited opportunities to do a regular exercise routine. Light activities such as brisk walking are more and more popular among younger generations, whuch has the potential to become an important marketing platform. Starting with the thought of user-experience, Kang Shi Fu Green Tea and Baidu Map collaborated in creating a campaign called "The Green Walk Campaign," using the on-foot function in Baidu Map with the campaign's idea embedded in the map interface.


Kang Shi Fu launched the “5C Marketing Campaign” (Connecting through Content to cerate Conversation among the Community driving Commerce potentials). The Green Walk Marketing Campaign contributed to high quality consumers with high media exposure and engaged a famous spokesperson, Yifeng Li to enrich and deepen the brand experience to consumers. It gained more than 470 million total impressions.

Awards & Recognition

China's Great Wall Award
ROI Festival
China's Mobile Marketing Association Award