VML serves as the global lead creative agency for New Balance, a global athletic footwear and apparel brand. New Balance wanted an agency who had a deep understanding of sports and how to create breakthrough ideas with global impact.

Partnership with New Balance China started since 2016, through close collaboration with VML New York. 

 The partnership focuses on global creative strategy, bringing to life the New Balance difference through emotionally driven storytelling. In addition, VML is responsible for the communications strategy to activate the brand platform through consumer touch point across all channels.   

New Balance has more than 100 years of experience in helping athletes perform better in their pursuit of excellence with the most advanced footwear technology on the planet.

Case study

2017 Fresh Foam Cruz x Evangelion


Cruz Q3, being the main product line of the New Balance Performance Series in 2017, it was getting less than a higher anticipated response from its Chinese consumers to stimulate purchases. 


Together with New Balance, VML challenged the marketing norm, breaking boundaries and turning the impossible into a solid launch plan; we successfully introduced our latest bold collaboration with the widely acclaimed Japanese science-fiction anime series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" into the market. The revolutionary cultural symbolisms of the world with rich expressions of emotions, the Evangelion has become a significant milestone in the history of animation.

For the first time in China, New Balance had the utmost opportunity to collaborate with the Japanese anime's creator Hideaki Anno and his creative team, to co-create the visual stylisation and inject the spirit of Evangelion into the New Balance Cruz product line.

The limited-edition Fresh Foam Cruz X EVA shoe was launched on New Balance Flagship Store on Tmall.com.


Just a few days since the launch, 3,000 units of New Balance Cruz were sold with the limited-edition Cruz X EVA completely sold-out.