Shaping fluid environments.

Platforms & Experiences

When people identify with a story and are willing to spend time and money on a brand, they expect it to deliver. VML makes sure it does. Whether it’s a website, mobile experience, or retail space, we look into the environment to determine the most inventive way to give people what they want and get you everything you need.

From a strong core idea, we develop a single connected set of experiences that’s a natural extension of the brand. We aim for something that’s as personal as it is innovative, so it allows for more seamless connections between people. Ultimately, we make technology invisible, so humanity is on full display.

Service Design

We start by extending the experience of your brand online, but expand what it means to interact altogether. We deliver personal ways for consumers to connect and powerful drivers for them to act.

Global Content Platforms

We can generate work to suit any space, but we know it’s not one size fits all. We determine exactly what you need, target the best platforms to use, and deliver a perfectly tailored solution, every time.

Technology Development

This may be our area of expertise, but we leave our doors open. We work with you throughout our research, ideation, creation, and launch, all so the final results match just what your brand needs.


Wherever there’s a digital exchange between you and your consumers, we aim to make the digital disappear. With equal parts usability, personality, and reliability, the path to purchase feels seamless.

Product Development

A true partner doesn’t wait around for marching orders. We’re actively looking for opportunities to put you at the top of your industry by transforming what you offer and what you’re capable of.


For a growing landscape of mobile and wearables, evolving formats and functions, we develop native applications to keep experiences consistent and move your brand forward across devices.

Case study

A talent contest with no judges.

All around the world, Hennessy artistry brings together some of the most talented artists on stage for an electic mix of musical talents. 


Each year, there are more than 5 big talent shows running on TV, so how does an online talent show can do something different to cut through?


Let the singers decide their own future - a talent contest with no judges. We designed the contest with a progressively escalating struture and gave all voting rights to netizens. Hennessy provides a training camp to the most loves singers and transform their artisty all the way to a big finale show with top celebrities in the country. No judges, but dreams. 


15.5 MM video viewership and 11 MM votes. It generated 10MM RMB media value. 

Case study

Giving consumers a choice and a change.

Drinking green tea is strongly perceived and acknowledged by many Chinese consumers that it is a healthy lifestyle. Kang Shi Fu Green Tea hopes to bring a new healthy lifestyle of consuming green tea to a new generation of young internet users through innovation.


In the beverage market, the green tea market is declining every year. Consumers' desire to consume sweetened green tea gradually drops when the preference in "sugar-free" and vitamin beverages becomes higher. With the shift of consumers' preference, Kang Shi Fu green tea decided to run a marketing campaign with desire to retain market share for the sweet green tea beverage category.


Chinese youth desire to pursue a healthy way of life, but many of them have limited opportunities to do a regular exercise routine. Light activities such as brisk walking are more and more popular among younger generations, whuch has the potential to become an important marketing platform. Starting with the thought of user-experience, Kang Shi Fu Green Tea and Baidu Map collaborated in creating a campaign called "The Green Walk Campaign," using the on-foot function in Baidu Map with the campaign's idea embedded in the map interface.


Kang Shi Fu launched the “5C Marketing Campaign” (Connecting through Content to cerate Conversation among the Community driving Commerce potentials). The Green Walk Marketing Campaign contributed to high quality consumers with high media exposure and engaged a famous spokesperson, Yifeng Li to enrich and deepen the brand experience to consumers. It gained more than 470 million total impressions.

Awards & Recognition

China's Great Wall Award
ROI Festival
China's Mobile Marketing Association Award