Implementing new technology is not an end in itself.

It’s only a means to achieve business change that either delivers new capabilities or improves existing one. This means that any worthwhile technology program will always involve a lot more than just technical implementation. Our consulting and transformation services are here to help you get your business ready to fully exploit your technology. That can mean help with selecting and implementing new technology or getting more out of the tech you already have.

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Requirements and Definition

Translating business outcomes into a clear set of technical requirements is no simple task. It requires people that can fluently understand both languages. Definition is one of the most critical points of any technology program and sets out, in detail, both the backlog of work that needs to be undertaken, as well as the time and cost required to deliver them. We can help you to build up a clear picture of the work that needs to be done, in a way that means technologists can execute and business stakeholders are clear about what they’ll get. You’ll have the certainty of knowing how much effort will be required and for how long.

Key technologies covered: Full Martech stack

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Technology Assessment and Selection

With literally thousands of technology vendors to choose from, selecting the right one to meet your current and future business needs can be daunting. Selecting the right vendor isn’t simply about choosing the right logo. Each vendor will offer you a bewildering range of optional features, support models and commercial plans, not all of which may be right for your unique business requirements. VML will help you shortlist and select the right vendors informed by industry trends and propritary partner analysis, to meet your cost and functionality objectives and arm you with the right knowledge and insights to make sure you get a contract that offers you the best value.

Key technologies covered: Full Martech stack

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Technology Audit and Optimization

Times change and business priorities change with them. When your teams are fully occupied by delivering on the day-to-day requirements of doing business, it can be difficult to spot where there is an opportunity to work better, or smarter. It can be tricky to identify where business needs are diverging from platform capabilities. Even your current platform isn’t standing still – vendors are constantly releasing new features, fixes and improvements. How can you be sure that you are getting the most out of what you already have? VML can help you with an audit of your existing technology platforms, informed by industry trends and propritary partner analysis, and identify areas for improvement and optimization, ensuring your technology is always in step with your business goals.

Key technologies covered: Full Martech stack

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Personalization and Customer Journey Design

Transform customer data into personalized experiences that inspire action, drive engagement, and deepen customer relationships at speed and scale. For many brands, personalization represents the holy grail of customer experience design. But while personalized experiences are easy to describe in concept, supported by a wealth of technologies that make it possible, implementation of effective personalization can remain a complex challenge in practice. Putting true personalization into action means delivering the right messaging, content and offers, at the right moment, for the right audience, via the right channel. This requires meticulous planning and testing to establish the correct logic, and no small degree of technical capability to bring all these elements together in real time. We can help you plan your approach to personalization to ensure the right things happen at each stage of your customer journey.

Key technologies covered: Full Martech stack

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Business Change and Enablement

A technology investment that doesn’t result in new and better ways of working is a wasted investment. At the very least, any new technology will require your teams to learn new skills to get the most out of it. That means more than just a one-off vendor training workshop on how to operate your technology. It means putting into place a framework that allows your people to not only refresh their memories on best practice, whenever they need to, but also the ability to onboard new employees and teams or enable external agencies and partners. Beyond training lies the question of how your business teams should be organized to get the most of your tech platforms and what new skills and ways of working are needed. We can help you to set up your business teams, establish ways of working, establish centers of excellence, and provide training to make sure your business and technology teams are operating at the top of their game.

Key technologies covered: Full Martech stack

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Martech and Adtech Connectivity

Consumers expect a connected and personalized journey across all touchpoints. Ranging from relevant media messaging to matching landing pages, personalized email and efficient customer support. This requires a seamless flow of data through different systems of the Advertising, Marketing, Commerce and Service landscape. It’s essential to have a common view of the system landscape across all departments involved. Systems need to be used according to their strengths, based on a single customer view. This will make sure that all technologies are aligned to make all your teams work in the most efficient way. Improve audience addressability and relevance. Drive customized and personalized experiences based upon contextual, collected, and connected data. We help you to define the data architecture and systems required to build a 360-customer view and activate this data across omnichannel touchpoints.

Key technologies covered: Campaign Management, Marketing Automation, Adtech, Commerce

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Software Development Transformation and Training

Running a top-notch Martech stack is reliant on having access to a top-notch technical and software engineering team. That means being not only expert in the technology, but also using the leading development methodologies and tooling. If you want to run your own inhouse teams, we can help you build a new team or upskill your existing teams with software development training and new ways of working, such as agile and continuous integration / continuous deployment. We have also developed a range of proprietary and open source development tools and accelerators that can help improve the velocity, efficiency and quality of your inhouse teams. For more on our approach check out our book on Journey Driven Development.

Key technologies covered: Collaboration Platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), Commerce and full Martech stack

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