Implementing new technology can focus a lot of energy on how to implement, but often, the biggest cause of misalignment between technical programs and business requirements occurs well before the first virtual machine is spun up

Knowing what you need to do with clarity can prevent a technology program from being derailed after a lot of time and money has been spent. We offer a range of technology strategy services that help to build a clear linkage between the technology you are implementing and the business capabilities you want to achieve. We ensure that you have a business capability roadmap that is not only effective, but also efficient, through ensuring the optimal sequencing and alignment with your existing technology landscape. It’s not just about technology either. It’s also about ensuring that your people, business processes and data are all aligned to make the best use of the technology to ensure you and your customers get value.

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Business Value and Capability Roadmapping

Making the right technology-driven investment choices relies on having a clear linkage between your tech program and your desired business outcomes. Our Business Value and Capability Roadmap service establishes a clear path to value by describing the technology, people, process and data capabilities your business needs to implement to achieve a return on your technology investment. It sets a clear multi-year roadmap for not only implementing and integrating new technology into your business but also the measures needed to operate it effectively.

Key technologies covered: Full MarTech stack

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Operating Model and Organization Design

Technology only exists as a means to enabling new capabilities and new ways of working. If your technology investment is not enabling you to deliver new outcomes then it will be hard to demonstrate a return on investment. The success of any technology program will always depend on how well it is put into practice. Whether you are looking at new ways to transact with your customers, deliver personalized experiences or run more effective campaigns, we can help you to design new ways of working to really get the most out of your technology.

Key technologies covered: CRM, Marketing Automation, Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Commerce.

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CRM Strategy

Grow customer base, deepen customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value by connecting owned customer data to customer interactions. A solid CRM Strategy describes the path of moving from an acquisition focused marketing approach to a customer centric approach and defines how once siloed departments work together to maximize Customer Lifetime Value. We believe organizations need to provide a rewarding customer experience at all touchpoints of the customer journey. A precondition for this is a new framework of planning and collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer service teams. The framework defines Acquisition, Retention and Reactivation programs and the role of Data Activation and Marketing Automation.

Key technologies covered: CRM and Marketing Automation

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Data Strategy

Data is the fuel that powers digital experiences. At every stage of the customer journey - from advertising technology, through to campaign management, CRM systems, and the technology that enables personalized experiences and commerce transactions - vast amounts of data are both created and consumed. Increasingly, the only way of putting this wealth of data to work in real time is through ETL Automation and machine learning. We can show you how a strategy to clearly align your data and infrastructure can deliver richer, more personalized and more profitable customer experiences.

Key technologies covered: Full MarTech stack, Data Lake, Data Warehouse

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Content Strategy

Boost and connect the ecosystem through search while deepening customer engagement with compelling content. Delivering engaging, real time, personalized experiences across channels, markets, sectors and segments is complex. It’s not only about data, decisioning and experience management technology, it also depends on content processes that are able to produce, store, retrieve and re-use the right content and deliver it to the right audience, in the right tone, at exactly the right time. All of this also needs to meet the legal and compliance requirements of each market. We work with you to audit, map and ultimately enrich your customer experience through guided content story ideation, planning, creation, publishing, and optimization.

Key technologies covered: Content management systems (CMS), content workflow and publishing tools, digital asset management (DAM)

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Technology Strategy and Ecosystems

With thousands of vendors and technologies across the Marketing Technology landscape, planning out exactly how they integrate with each other, and the wider enterprise technologies that surround them, can be challenging. How do you ensure you have all of your technology bases covered to deliver the right business outcomes without unnecessary cost, duplication or inefficient integrations and workarounds? Leveraging unique industry perspective and best practices VML will help you document your technology landscape, identify opportunity and build a roadmap aligned to your business values to ensure your technology is the right technology for you and your clients and performs with optimal speed, efficiency and effectiveness.

Key technologies covered: Full Martech stack

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KPI and Success Measurement

When you are planning to invest in technology, how can you be sure you are going to get value? How do you know if you are constantly raising your game? Conventional lag metrics such as sales, cost or satisfaction often do little to help us make better decisions. Proving that your investment is going to move the dial on business outcomes is essential, particularly across multi-year programs. With our KPI and success measurement services, we can help you to define the metrics that matter to help you make the right decisions, continually improve performance and demonstrate return on investment.

Key technologies covered: CRM, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, Content Management System (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Commerce

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Customer Journey and Life Stage Modelling

Lifecycle marketing involves describing the whole customer journey in an integrated way, from first contact to conversion, onboarding all the way to service and retention. Instead of focusing on separate campaigns, we design the 'always-on' approach to marketing. Crafted for the customer's entire journey, across all devices and touchpoints, in order to optimize the lifetime value of each customer. Since the customer lifecycle spans platforms, it’s key that the different teams running different aspects of marketing, sales and service are aligned. We can help you to translate customer needs to actionable use cases across all omnichannel touchpoints and set-up a clear framework to define different customer relationship management treatments.

Key technologies covered: CRM, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management

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