Engineering the right platform and implementing it takes deep expertise in both vendor technology and the technologies that surround it.

Platforms need to be delivered with a keen eye on the business value and customer experiences they enable. What sets VML apart, is not just our highly-focused technology and vendor expertise, but our appreciation of how these technologies should link together to deliver an end-to-end journey. We leverage our expertise, consistent approach, and partnerships to create, integrate, and automate scalable, repeatable, and performant technology.

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Architecture Design

Standards-driven foundational technology architecture delivering high-throughput transactional experiences. VML takes a structured approach to understanding your business requirements and translating them into core platform capabilities. Our agnostic, journey-driven approach provides a roadmap to success that lets you leverage new technologies and complex legacy investments in a way that meets your customers wherever they are on whatever device they bring. We'll ensure seamless, secure and efficient operation, without unnecessary complexity or duplication.

Key technologies and vendors: AWS, GCP, AZURE, Adobe, Acquia, Salesforce, IBM, Google, Microsoft amongst the entire Martech stack.

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Technology and Platform Delivery

Deep enterprise-level technology capabilities are essential to creating and activating customer experience, at scale, with speed and efficiency. The VML offering spans global content platforms, personalization, experience and digital transformation, product development, and innovation/creative technology. It is the product of a 25 year legacy of engineering and integration supplemented through the combination of some of the world’s leading technology and vendor specialists. We are top tier partners across the key vendor space including Adobe, Salesforce, Acquia, IBM, Google and Microsoft. This expertise extends to well over 50 vendors across the entire Martech stack, supported across 70+ technology centers world wide.

Key technologies and vendors: Adobe, Acquia, Salesforce, IBM, Google, Microsoft amongst the entire Martech stack.

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Platform and Cloud Migration

The march of technology carries on relentlessly. At some point every platform reaches end of life, requiring an upgrade, a move to a new technology, or increasingly a transition to a cloud model. Few new platform implementations these days don’t involve migration from a legacy platform. Our 20+years of experience in migrating clients between technologies and backed by our 50+ strategic partnerships means VML comes equipped with expertise, robust methodologies and specialist software and tooling to make your migration as seamless as possible. Often this means you can continue to evolve your offering while you transition, avoiding the need for any long-term content or development freezes.

Key technologies and vendors: Adobe, Salesforce, IBM, Acquia, Sitecore, Drupal, Contentful, Magnolia, AWS, Google, Azure

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Responding quickly to changing customer demands is how you stay ahead of the competition, but scarcity of expert tech skills can act as a real brake on business agility. Often it can takes more than a year to recruit an in-house team, particularly one with highly specialized skills. With our Engineering on Demand services, we can have an expert SWAT team of engineers up and running and working on your projects in a matter of days. You get all the advantages of an in-house team coupled with industry leading expertise, established ways of working and specialized tooling, meaning you can start delivering on business demands in no time.

Key technologies and vendors: Adobe, Sitecore, Acquia, Contentful, Magnolia

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Customer Service Channel Enablement

Customer service is no longer a siloed department that just handles tickets. Service is a key differentiator in delivering a relevant end-to-end experience to prospects, leads and customers. In order to transform your customer service department, from a cost center to a profit center, an omnichannel service infrastructure needs to be in place. Tooling that enables organizations to respond efficiently to customer needs over any channel. Ranging from web, to chat, to social, in store and by phone. We can equip your team with an easy-to-use, unified view of every customer interaction across the business, along with powerful productivity tools. We can help guide managers to optimize their support teams with performance dashboards, apps, and AI-powered insights.

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Program and Product Management

We all do program management. But when it comes to highly specialized and complex technology deployments, not only are solid program management disciplines essential, but so is solid subject matter expertise. At VML, we approach documentation, design, content, and build iterations through a pragmatic blend of specific Agile methodologies — Lean, XP, Spotify, and Scrum. Key to our approach is an incremental and iterative delivery process called the Journey-Driven Agility Delivery Framework. Having to align stakeholders from business facing units, creative agencies, content production, all the way through to the operations of software development teams, is a span of control that often doesn’t occur in many programs. Having program governance that can coordinate this broad range of activities requires specialist skills and experience. We provide project and program management professionals that know how to get things done, keep your programs on track and minimize risk of failure.

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Software Products

We get to see the inner workings of some of the world’s biggest brands and the most sophisticated global Martech environments. These insights highlight that many clients have exactly the same challenges that remain unmet by software vendors, while others have unique challenges that require something outside of the standard build. We actively encourage our software engineering teams to develop solutions to those problems. The result of which has been millions of lines of open source code and some truly unique software solutions, custom built for our clients. These solutions can increase speed and quality through automation and connect disparate business processes to improve security, governance and workflow management. If you are having difficulty in manually joining the dots of your Martech stack, there is a good chance we have a software solution that can help.

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Testing & Automated Quality

Highly creative, functional, and frictionless digital experiences fully meet audience needs and unlock value at the pace of the business. These high quality experiences begin with clear definition through executable requirements and include the right mix of exploratory, AI-powered, and automated tests. Rigorous and efficiency-obsessed quality engineers implement the automation-first strategy integrating continuous validation in parallel with the design, build, and implementation of features into production. The comprehensive end-to-end validation at scale brings confidence in the experience through coverage and test cycles including unit, performance, integration, functional, compatibility, and accessibility testing.

Key technologies and vendors: Full MarTech stack

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Cloud Engineering

Infrastructure for clients on-prem and hosted in in private and commercial clouds through frequent, automated releases. Versioned cloud infrastructure enables faster, larger startups with a radical transformation in release frequency and quality. Measurements break the scales (e.g., 300X release frequency, 10K fewer defects per year, 6% staff size…). Our methods of leveraging industry DevOps best practices, such as infrastructure as code and CI/CD pipelines, both speeds our transformative efforts and makes them repeatable.

Key technologies and vendors: AWS, GCP, AZURE

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Data Engineering

Data engineering builds and manages the systems and infrastructure that enable data scientists to access, interpret, and mine data, including Big Data pipelines and AI/ML ops. Enabling users to self-service their data requires clean, well-documented, and trustworthy data. We believe this is achieved through the approachable data layer.

Key technologies and vendors: Data Lake, Data Warehouse

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