Stefano Fenini

New Business Development Manager

Stefano has built his career from the bottom: as the saying goes, "getting his hands dirty." He started with experience in IT: working for major Italian banking and insurance organizations, building his seniority by developing and designing integrated systems, redefining new technology development areas, and landing in the world of advertising in 2008.

He was one of the pioneers of VML and has managed to develop the business in areas that were not closely connected with pure advertising. In just two years, he created a development group that supports customers in technology; a technique that gave clear direction to VML and opened up new frontiers to companies who did not associate Marketing with IT. He is a perfect partner to sit at the same table with various stakeholders due to his intersecting skills both in technology and in the field of communication.

He has gone through many years of training courses for emotional management and is a pioneer in the company for the new branch in psychology: "mindfulness". This allows him to work successfully with the various professionals who make up the team that supports him in all the individual project developments. He firmly believes in the teams and repeats at every opportunity that "with a compact and cohesive team, anything is possible."

He is currently in the role of Digital New Business Development Manager, based on his achievements in the company and for the excellent relationships built over time with different customers. He currently promotes VML nationwide and is always attentive to new consumption trends. You will often find him in courses at the Milan Polytechnic to keep up with the development of a perpetually abuzz market.

Milan, Italy
Via Tortona 37
20144 Milan MI