A brand that inspires is a brand that sells.

In a declining and very competitive price category, we decided to create a much more emotional positioning brand. BestDay not want to make a seller of tickets, but make it a true "Inspiring travel".

To achieve this, we created a series of TV commercials, a strong campaign display and social media content.

Case study

Be where you want to be.

Through hashtag #OjalaEstuvierasAqui not only we encourage users to travel, but also invite them to tell their stories and encourage their friends to follow.


Create an awareness campaign to reposition the brand, differentiating it from other competitors in the category.


We created the concept to recreate #OjalaEstuvierasAqui inspiring stories that motivate users to leave their routine and experience new travel experiences.


Sales increased since the launch of the campaign, leaving decrease with the category after two years. In addition, our digital commercial was viewed more than 12 million times on YouTube.