It is generating communication consciousness.

Every day thousands of drivers are parked in spaces reserved for the disabled, generating delays and complications in spaces designed to simplify your daily life.

Given this reality, we decided, together with our client Driver's School, stop being witnesses and educate offenders on the correct use of the ramps.

Case study

If you ignore the ramps, somehow it will be noted.

We did not have to look far to find hundreds of cars illegally parked. That's where we put the ramp, we made a professional athlete in a wheelchair the jump and leave a video to witness what happened.


Raise awareness of road safety education, attacking a major breaches of drivers.


We create "The Lesson Ramp" to show reckless drivers the consequences of their actions so that they can become aware of them.


120 offenders live lesson learned, thousands did in social networks and millions earned media. And our client had 21% more students.