The power of entertainment as sales strategy.

During the launch of the "Best Buyers" in mass media, we create a comprehensive social media digital audiovisual content strategy, display, and site; with her, we tore down the main barriers to buying online through humor.

Amuse users helped us not only educate, but also allowed us to generate greater brand recall.

Case study

The best buyers know where to shop.

Through three recognized comedians, The Almost-Buyer, The Buyer and Buyer Impulsive Custom they shared their experiences buying on eBay and found everything they needed to be part of the best buyers.


Create an awareness campaign that positions eBay as the site of the best buyers and help break down the main barriers to online shopping.


Three Stand Up comedians gave life to different types of online buyers through eBay overcame their barriers to become the best buyers.


Through humor we approach users increasing by 30% brand recall, reaching 19 million views with an 95% positive sentiment in social media. In addition we achieved record sales during campaign time.