A connection that is worth more.

During May 2015, it ran a campaign LG brand building for its line of appliances: "Smart technology to be all that you are." Next to Mother's Day, the campaign inspired us to create an idea pay homage not only to mothers, but also to all facets of women, in addition to her maternal role.

Case study

The social experiment and the thrill of the unexpected.

We invited three women who, before becoming mothers, had made great achievements for their children unknown. So it was like a firefighter, a dancer and an acrobat revealed these facets in a social experiment fraught with emotion.


Harnessing the temporality of Mother's Day to connect with consumers under the brand concept.


We create a social experiment where different facets mothers revealed their children themselves that they did not know. In the new discovery, they surprised ended up surprising us with their emotional reactions.


The video went viral on Facebook and Youtube achieving more than 500,000 views in less than a week, with virtually no investment in online pattern with a 100% positive sentiment on social networks.