Real time marketing, real love.

From a social media listening, we found that consumers not only Oikos loved the product, but also as declared in their profiles and our fanpage with creative comments.

Driven by this love, we decided to amplify these messages and that passion through a campaign in real time.

Case study

A declaration of love that arouses passions.

Through hashtag #EseOikosEsMio, Hera, goddess of Olympus, famous for his jealousy and vindictiveness, challenged users to stop their statements, but they responded in the best way, daring her with thousands messages of love to the brand.


Exploit positive comments toward the brand to generate awareness and bring new consumers to try the product.


For a month, Chantal Andere played Hera, took the social networks of the brand and users fought a battle for the love of Oikos, creating challenging postings, memes, animated gifs and personalized video responses.


More than 36 thousand mentions of the hashtag, more than 2 million views, display 23.7 million impressions, 13 million impressions on Facebook, 56 million impressions on Twitter and record sales for the month of campaign.