January 23, 2018

Farm Journal Media Partners with WPP Health & Wellness to Rebuild Consumer Trust in Food

Farm Journal Media announced a strategic partnership with WPP Health & Wellness, the world's leading health and wellness marketing communications company, to launch Farm Journal's Trust In FoodTM platform. Through a multifaceted, decade-long endeavor, Trust In FoodTM aims to engage all food industry stakeholders--from farmers, agribusinesses and policymakers to food manufacturers, marketers and retailers--to drive broader adoption of sustainable agriculture and animal well-being practices and ignite authentic consumer engagement in ways that help restore consumers' trust in food.

Today, nearly half of U.S. consumers report a lack of trust in their food supply, with 74% of millennials demanding more transparency from the food industry. "The values guiding consumer perceptions, expectations and decisions around food are changing rapidly," said Andy Weber, CEO of Farm Journal Media. "Today, consumers voice concerns about the quality, safety, social and environmental impact of the food they buy, and they demand more transparency from the food industry."

"The cost of managing this unprecedented level of consumer mistrust has reached a tipping point, and the only way to turn the tide is through partnership and transparency," added David Alpert, Vice President of Trust In FoodTM. "Through Trust In FoodTM, we intend to engage all stakeholders, including consumers, in authentic, constructive dialogue, and we're excited to have the creative communications prowess of WPP Health & Wellness supporting this important endeavor."

In partnership with Farm Journal Media, WPP Health & Wellness will provide strategic communications and creative support throughout the initiative. WPP Health & Wellness companies VML and the ghg | greyhealth group will lead the work, tapping the broader WPP Health & Wellness network capabilities to support communication efforts.

"Food systems sit at the intersection of fundamental cultural, ecological and economic changes in society, and remain inextricably linked to the overall health and wellness of humanity. As marketers and active participants in these fundamental systems, we have a crucial role and obligation to help

drive shared understanding and transparency, and ultimately to rebuild consumer trust," said Mike Hudnall, WPP Health & Wellness CEO. "Trust In FoodTM presents an exciting collaborative opportunity to tackle some of the world's most pressing and meaningful issues, and we're excited to unleash the full force of WPP's creativity and marketing expertise to help make the world a better, healthier place for all."

The first phase of the platform launched today with a sold-out inaugural Trust In FoodTM Symposium in Chicago. Focused on establishing open dialogue, the Symposium brought together 200 executives from all stakeholders as a fundamental step to developing a framework and tangible steps for achieving this vision.

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