Case study

How the creators of hundreds of hit songs told the story of the city they call home.


Nashville, Tennessee, is famous for its music scene. But music tourism has exploded in popularity, causing many destinations to double down on their music offerings. We needed to remind people that Nashville is the true epicenter of music in America. 


Prove that Nashville is America's only music city by telling the story no other city could tell. "It All Begins With a Song," a full-length documentary that goes behind the performers to the creators of well-known songs and the city they call home, features both up-and-comers and the greats who turned Nashville into the songwriting center of the world. The film casts a light on the Nashville songwriting scene, spanning genres and generations to show that in a world of homogenizing metropolises, it's these unsung talents who make Nashville special.  


Awards & Recognition

Cannes Lions 2018