Case study

Bedtime stories designed to wake people up.

Youth Ambassadors is an educational program that helps underprivileged inner-city youth overcome poverty, murder, and drug abuse surrounding their everyday lives. The issues are clear, but many Americans live privileged lives and can't imagine the horrors inner-city youth go through daily. Our goal was to generate support for the Youth Ambassadors organization by getting America to relate to the problem.


In America, children in underprivileged, urban areas face poverty, murder and drugs as part of everyday life. The issues are clear - but most people ignore them because they can't relate.


To help Americans empathize, we had inner-city children write bedtime stories from their lives and created a children's book not suitable for children. We distributed the book to key policymakers, funders and the media asking them to donate their time, money and power to help put an end to stories like these.


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