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As digital agency of record for Colgate-Palmolive, VML has plays a key role in digital strategy, development, and implementation for all sub-brands on a global scale. With support from VML locations worldwide, team members in Kansas City and New York lead business for Tom’s of Maine natural care products, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, and more.

Our teams handle creative design, development, and global expansion efforts for websites, video, branded content, online advertising, rich media, email marketing, web analytics and more. We use our full gamut of expertise to drive social community engagement and increase sales across the board.

Case study

A clothing tag that became a product sample.


Suavitel, a clothing softener in Latin America, was getting increased pressure from local brands. They needed to drive trial - and do so in a way that reinforced the fact that Suavitel was so gentle it wouldn't irritate a baby's skin.


Knowing moms wash their baby's clothing before it's worn, VML and Suavitel thought of a simple way for them to try the brand: The Love Tag. So, with no extra effort, Mom can swaddle her baby with a little added love.


Sewn directly into select brands of children's clothing, the special Suavitel-filled tag dissolves in the wash cycle, releasing fabric softener and a gentle scent directly onto the garments.