DARG is a local non-profit domestic animal rescue shelter based in Cape Town. They needed to get 15 dogs adopted quickly to make room for more incoming homeless animals, but had no budget to run a major ad campaign.

Case study

Making a place for rescue animals.Making a place for rescue animals.

We needed to find an innovative way to get people to consider adopting shelter pets. To do this we had to show how easily and perfectly these animals could fit into anyone's life -- proving that shelter pets are a wonderful addition to any family.


Many people do not consider adopting shelter animals when looking for a new pet. They are often considered to be challenging or 'damaged'. We needed to show that shelter pets are just as good as, if not better than, pets you would get from a breeder or pet shop.


Use photos of people from Facebook to digitally edit DARG shelter animals into their lives. We post the resulting 'Photobombs' to the target's Facebook page from an account created for the specific DARG pet so we are able to foster an interaction and emotional connection.


With zero media budget we were able to get over half of the pets adopted, successfully making space for new animals at DARG. We also greatly increased online awareness for DARG with a 243% increase in engagement with the DARG Facebook page, and a 53.8% increase in DARG Facebook page views. We also generated a 65% increase in average daily impressions and a 321% increase in average daily engaged users.

Awards & Recognition

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