Goodwill, Ad Council and VML put your stuff back to work.

VML started working with the Ad Council in July 2016 on a PSA campaign for Goodwill. This marked the first time VML and the Ad Council have worked together on a campaign, which provided a great opportunity to help support Goodwill and its mission in helping people find employment.

Case study

Put Your Stuff Back to Work

Most people don't know that donations to Goodwill directly fund job training and placement for unemployed people in their community and see it only as a thrift shop or a place where you can drop off unwanted items.


How do we explain and make people care about Goodwill's mission, so people know that Goodwill means jobs and not just donations.


The campaign metaphorically depicts the many jobs that can be found in donated objects. The imagery shows miniature figurines in action, performing a variety of skilled jobs, alongside life-size donated objects that can lead to job training and placement opportunities.


Ace Metrix tested the :30 TV spot and found that it exceeded PSA category norms by 5%. The spot showed high performance in terms of Breakthrough qualities (Attention and Likeability) as well as Relevance and Change. Viewers reported a 54% increase in intent to donate. 

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