Building a land just for kids.

VML New York positioned LEGOLAND Florida as the one and only resort built for kids in a Florida market cluttered with theme park competition. We began handling traditional and digital work and soon expanded into every level of brand development, from product creation to partnership opportunities.

By innovating special services like LEGOLAND Times, a monster cleanup service, and even LEGOLAND Dollars, the first-ever currency for kids to be listed on an international exchange board, we were able to go beyond advertising LEGOLAND as a place designed for kids, and instead helped create it. 


Case study

LEGOLAND Dollars for foreign exchange.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort is built for kids. Not parents. Not aunts, grandparents, or teens. Just kids. We wanted to establish this world built just for them to an international audience. 


The Florida market in the United States of America is cluttered with iconic theme parks and tourist attractions. How could LEGOLAND Florida Resort get international travelers to add LEGOLAND to their vacation plans?


LEGOLAND Dollars, a real currency that can be spent at the resort, was introduced on foreign exchange boards for trade at 48 Travelex locations within international airports. A place where every international traveler stops to check the exchange rate for their home country's currency. LEGOLAND dollars were listed at a 1:1 exchange rate with the U.S. dollar.


The campaign was a success with LEGOLAND Dollars being sold out alt all locations and helping the resort with a 21% increase in sales and a 22% increase in park visitors.