An alliance of VML expertise and NAPA Know How.

Beginning in 2014, VML has operated as the agency of record for NAPA. Although our partnership is still young, we've already harnessed our entire range of capabilities to evolve the brand strategy and apply bigger thinking to campaign work. As partners, we've developed new channel strategy and tactics to bring a human touch to NAPA's digital engagement with their target audience. We've also been able to leverage their sponsor partners, NASCAR and NHRA, to build additional brand equity.

We continue to work across television, radio, trade print, social, online content, sponsorship support and more, securing our title as agency of record year after year.

Watch our showcase of NAPA TV spots to check out a big piece of our partnership.

Case study

How a new car campaign made old cars sexy again.

Last year people in the United States bought more new cars than ever - up 5.7% from the previous year. Which was bad news for NAPA AUTO PARTS, the leading retailer of replacement parts for used cars. Simply put, when people buy brand new vehicles, they make fewer trips to their local auto parts store. 


Remind potential car buyers that used cars maintained with NAPA parts can run as well as new cars, without a huge car payment.


We created a stereotypical new-car campaign, complete will all the automotive advertising cliches, for three of the most "used" cars we could find already listed for sale on Craigslist. We even created a display inside a shopping mall - a spot usually reserved for new luxury vehicles.


In addition to standout video views and impressions, the videos instantly spread across social media and the cars sold immediately, reminding people that even old cars can drive like new.