Unifying a complex business under one experience.

In 2010, VML South Africa became the lead digital agency for the South African financial brand, Nedbank. Over the past five years, they've entrusted us with responsibilities well beyond that title. Not only do we drive digital experiences for customers, employees, and internal departments, we act as key strategic partners across marketing, technology, and products.

We’ve taken vital projects through strategy, creative, user experiences, front and back end development, social media, original content, search media, and more. With a mission to create a uniform experience that's optimized and personalized for every audience, we've made operations more efficient, users happier, and sales higher.

Case study

Helping a bank capitalize on its strongest asset.

As digital AOR, VML knew that Nedbank offers the complete range of banking solutions, and they have an incredibly broad staff base, working with agencies and personel all over South Africa. Typically, big brands can struggle with brand fragmentation and Nedbank was no different. 


Nedbank needed an online resource that empowered users to effectively manage their brand assets.


An online portal that goes beyond search tools. We created personas to guide users through CI and brand material, educational and user-generated content, plus past campaigns. Everything was designed not only to be intuitive, but to be inspiring.


The feedback from client staff was overwhelmingly positive. Multiple teams reported that the system was not only easy to pick up and use, but it led to better work that was, most importantly, brand compliant.