In late 2016, the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP) engaged VML for a range of marketing work including creative content strategy, development and execution; channel and media strategy, planning and buying; and data analytics.  The desire of ATP is to boost the number of visitors from the U.S. and Canada.

ATP is the government organization that encompasses, encourages, promotes and regulates all tourist related activities in the Republic of Panama.


Case study

Not for Tourists

Panama is not for those seeking an all-inclusive, off-the-rack travel experience. The tiny country is remote, often hard to get to, and usually eclipsed in popularity as a travel destination by neighboring Costa Rica. In its first advertising campaign aimed at American and Canadian visitors, the Panama Tourism Authority turned these factors into an asset.


How do we show that Panama is a place for trailblazers and put a stake in the ground to compete against other destinations, and target adventure-seeking travelers. 


The new campaign, "Not for Tourists," is aimed at adventure travelers, showcasing the country's lush rainforests, rugged mountains and untamed jungle.