A partnership evolution. A surfing revolution.

Rip Curl, a leading surf brand, had been looking at wearable technology and felt there was enormous possibilities to deliver something unique and useful to their consumers. At the same time, VML Sydney had been searching for an opportunity to put our technology expertise to the test.

Already partners in strategic data research, VML and Rip Curl built upon that relationship and our shared enthusiasm for innovation. Together, we found a way to not only capitalize on an emerging wearable market, but to give surfers an edge no other brand could give them. 

Case study

Relive your perfect waves with surfers everywhere.

As a strategic digital partner, VML worked in partnership with Rip Curl, one of the world’s leading brands for a variety of surfing equipment and accessories. Both the brand and its products are all for and about the people searching for the perfect wave.


Surfers spend their entire lives searching for the perfect wave, but they’ve been limited to following their intuition, until now.


Revolutionize the way surfers interact with the ocean and each other. Combine innovative motion tracking, real-time environmental data and intuitive information design in a fully mobile platform to help surfers capture, learn from, and share their rides.


Apart from winning multiple awards in multiple categories, SEARCHGPS has debuted as a massive hit and is turning amateur and pro surfers alike into cartographers of the coastline.

Awards & Recognition

Cannes Lions
The One Show Awards
New York Festivals
Clio Awards
London International Awards (LIA)
ANDY Awards
The Webby Awards
SXSW Interactive
Spikes Asia
IAB Mixx Awards
4A's Partner Awards
Warc 100
Directory Big Won