Over 18 months, VML transformed the digital experience of United Rentals from an online "printed" catalog, marketing flyer and contact form to an interactive online marketplace. Now, you can easily find, evaluate, price, and procure equipment. Customers are also able to manage a fleet of equipment with tools that service, extend rentals and schedule end-of-contract pickup. Enhanced dashboards and reports present pertinent business information and targeted recommendations.

Developed to drive value through digital commerce, the United Rentals UR One site is a truly modern digital platform for the equipment rental industry, providing full lifecycle fleet management.

In October 2018, United Rentals, Inc. announced it was selected along with its digital marketing agency partner VML as the winner of the 2018 Acquia Engage Award for Leader of the Pack: Commerce. The award recognizes the United Rentals web platform for creating a unified customer experience for companies to rent and manage equipment, jobsites and orders.

The United Rentals site is on track to break all previous company online rental records, reaching more than a 40 percent year-over-year increase in online rental revenue. New customer acquisitions as a percentage of sales are tracking an increase of more than 55 percent.

Case study

Creating value via customer efficacy, operational efficiency, and business growth


As the largest equipment rental company in the world, United Rentals recognized that to continue being the market leader, it needed to press forward in the digital space.

Though United Rentals had a website with a catalog of equipment, it did not expose pricing or availability, nor did it allow rental transactions to be completed online. 

Instead, site visitors were instructed to pick up the phone to secure needed equipment. Added to this lack of usability was an outdated design and cobbled-together technical infrastructure, and, due to time consuming manual updates, a catalog prone to incomplete and inaccurate information.


United Rentals partnered with VML to redesign and rebuild its digital catalog from browsing to booking. Along with a modern, mobile-friendly design, a slew of functional enhancements provides customers the ability to discover, decide and transact online - all without requiring them to make a call.


  • 98% increase in visitor sessions
  • 300% increase in digital upgrades
  • 114% increase in transactions

The new UnitedRentals.com website launched in mid-2016 and has been an incredible success. Mobile-friendly, this site allows customers on remote job sites conduct business as if they were in the office, and with the greatly enhanced ecommerce capabilities, they can transact with greater efficiency than ever before. And with the new pay-by-credit-card feature, a new B2C customer base has opened up.

United Rentals continues to place an emphasis on digital transformation, and this website and underlying technical platform are the foundation to ensure that it happens.

Accomplishments include:

  • Checkout funnel improvements
    • One-page checkout
    • Guest checkout
  • Pardot integration
    • Abandoned carts
    • Abandoned checkout
  • Save for later
  • A/B tests
    • Pickup/delivery fees
    • Start-time slots
  • Project Uptime
    • RSS feed
    • Newest article badge
  • RSS product feed
  • Analytics
    • Quote/Reservation
  • French/Spanish integration