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For more than 40 years, Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering breakthrough products and exceptional value to people around the world. As the #1 Consumer Electronics company, Samsung Electronics is the global leader in mobile, semiconductor and display technologies.

Case study

Samsung launched its new flagship smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S8 with Gear VR in June 2017. Our job was to present Samsung Galaxy S8 with Gear VR to Poles and position them as products that let you #DoWhatYouCant. Our project was part of global #DoWhatYouCant campaign - however, we have been challenged to present this idea to Poles in the locally relevant way.


Promote Samsung Galaxy S8 and Gear VR as products that let you #DoWhatYouCant.


Back in 1976, General Tadeusz Kuziora had one dream: become the first Polish astronaut sent into space. It took him years of intense training. Yet, in the end, he wasn't selected to go. 40 years later, every detail was carefully created to recreate the exact mission he missed.


Top 3 VR app in global Samsung VR store. Over 250 000 downloads of ,,The Missed Spaceflight" in the Oculus store. Over 5M views of the documentary in social media (including YouTube and Facebook). Over 1M views of the 360 YouTube experience.

Awards & Recognition

Ad Week Arc Awards
FWA Awards
Vimeo Best of Month
Polish Design Awards
Zlote Spinacze (Golden Clips)
Innovation Ad