A partnership focussed on making real change

Lien Foundation is a Philanthropic Organisation based in Singapore that focusses on tackling the root of problems. Within their key focus areas, they leverage technology and pioneer novel solutions to create capacity and strive towards. VML Singapore has been working with the Lien Foundation since 2012 in initiatives focussed on improving Early Childhood Education in Singapore. 

Case study

Preschool Spaces Redefined

In 2012, VML and The Lien Foundation created a programme called Startwell aimed at reclaiming our Children's Childhood and improving the Early Education landscape in Singapore. "A Different Class" is a Startwell initiative to redefine Preschool Spaces. 


200 new preschools will be built in the upcoming years and locations for each will need to be found. It is a critical window of opportunity to rethink the homes of our preschools and go beyond the cookie-cutter HDB void deck classroom.


This showcase of ten new preschool concepts seeks to look at space in Singapore in a different way, through a discovery of underused and overlooked plots around Singapore that could be turned into the magical spaces of a child's first school. The platform displays each concept in an immersive manner while seeking user engagement in suggesting locations and new thoughts for Preschool spaces. 


Change begins with a single conversation. The launch of "A Different Class" received local press coverage and started several conversations about the Preschool Spaces in Singapore. As the conversation evolves, we will continue to be a springboard for local opinions and thoughts on the issue.

Awards & Recognition

The Webby Awards 2016 Website - Activism Nominee