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VML is the social media agency of record for Moods Condoms in India. While the brand is well-known and well-established in the region, they had an opportunity to grow their influence on a younger audience.

We’ve provided a revamped brand feel that engages with a young and connected audience on their terms. The new platform, #PlayItRight, effectively attracts women by giving them the respect they deserve as sexual equals.

So far, our audience has strongly identified with our comedy-driven, yet meaningful content, giving the brand a spike in social engagement and sharing, while also earning the brand and our work attention from industry media.

Case study

Play it Right

We focused on giving men the ammunition to take the right stand and make the right statement - to be respectful and chivalrous. This allowed them to earn respect for themselves and in return, respect us as a brand that enables.


With persistent communication, all condom brands in India had managed to stand for something - celebrity power, innovations, flavors and even pure titillation. Moods, with a bit of all, wasn't distinct and hence, falling out of preference with consumers, especially young frequent users.

The challenge was to paint a distinct Moods personality and communicate it so as the reinvigorate preference, especially with young men.


On one side, the new age men, awakened by a sexual revolution, define their masculinity by the number of sexual encounters. Quantity triumphs everything else.However, underlying this sentiment is a deep sense of guilt brought onto all by the actions of a few opportunists. Men across the nation were suffering by association with cheap opportunists, just because of same gender.

Deep down, the boys knew that only 'respect & chivalry' could wash off this maligned association and allow them to be the men they want to be. They had started to acknowledge that - to get respect they need to show respect to the opposite sex.

Moods decided to tap into this deeper emotion - real men win with respect and not sheer force of masculinity and help men on their journey to win like real men.

Thus the 'Play It Right' proposition was coined for MOODS.



We were certain about our work's effectiveness when our sales grew by 3% while category declined by 2%.

Sales results weren't limited to trade. Our refreshed ecommerce site with a new concealed packaging delivery option got an average cart size of Rs. 460, highest all time and more than any other channel.
We had a profitable new distribution channel.

And all of this is thanks to a hard working campaign that triggered interest with young men on Facebook that saw a spike of 230% in fan-base and 78% in conversations. Some of our content was even featured on news channels and sites.

Finally, young Indian men were in the mood for Moods.  

Awards & Recognition

Campaign Digital Crest Awards 2016 Online Marketing