Activating a once socially absent brand.

VML won the business for Premier League in 2011, initially tasked with building the brand’s website. As an Adobe Centre of Excellence, VML Singapore was instrumental in the development and subsequent optimisation of the website. After completing the site, they tapped us to start working closely with their marketing team. Today, we serve many of their digital needs, including digital strategy, website development and global content for social media channels.

In only the past few years, we’ve ushered them into the digital, mobile and social spaces, where they now see consistently strong fan engagement. We’ve also driven successful campaigns for many of the club’s partners, and increased lead generations for everything from tickets to merchandise.

Case study

Every Premier League moment, brought to life.

VML worked as a strategic digital partner with Premier League, the most competitive and most exciting soccer league in the world. Every week, day, and minute, the most passionate fans on the planet feed on the drama surrounding clubs, players and managers, on and off the field. It's not only the best of football; it’s the best of sport. 


Create a digital strategy that supports Premier League's licensing, partners, sponsors and member clubs, while growing revenue and fan satisfaction.


Dramatize every moment of Premier League action using an enormous database of match statistics. Stimulate fan engagement with pre-game predictions, live two-screen experiences, and post-game debates, all of which intensify as fan participation grows.


Since the November 2011 launch, we've seen increased levels of traffic and active participation on a global scale. The site has also become a lead sales generator for the clubs across multiple products, including tickets, games, and merchandise.