November 21, 2017

Metropolitan shines a light on African success through #ISeeYou

Metropolitan, one of South Africa's leading Financial Solutions Brands, wanted to strategically position itself as an enabler of African success, by instigating others to share their success, and positively influence a wave of change. The brand sought to create a platform for others to amplify their unique form of African success and share their success with others.

Ogilvy Cape Town conceptualised #ISeeYou - a brand campaign, targeted at the South African middle class and emerging market that aimed to bring consumers and their stories to the foreground. NATIVE VML collaborated with Ogilvy Cape Town in amplifying the concept, through a social campaign that embodied a movement, so that South Africans could showcase their everyday success, and most importantly the everyday success of others.

The campaign launched in two phases. Phase one kicked off with an unbranded influencer campaign, played out across radio, outdoor and social media (Instagram), where #ISeeYou was seeded, thereby creating a call to arms to acknowledge people making a positive contribution and creating familiarity with the 'I See You' phrase.

The branded phase of #ISeeYou was launched with a TVC by Ogilvy Cape Town, starring Spoek Mathambo, and showcased five real-life African success stories - that of a taxi driver, a security guard, a Spaza shop owner, an entrepreneur and a fashion designer. NATIVE VML turned the stories into video content pieces for social media encouraging people to share their own stories of success which were then curated and turned into celebratory posts on the #ISeeYou Instagram platform.

"#ISeeYou turned out to be more than just a brand awareness campaign for Metropolitan. With the help of NATIVE VML, we were able to create authentic content that paved the way into a movement for positive contribution acknowledgement for every day South Africans. The campaign was (and continues to be) a huge success, igniting brand love and spreading positivity in the community," said Llewellyn Allen, Head of Brand and Marketing: Metropolitan.

The campaign managed to create massive interest online, growing Metropolitan's Instagram following by more than 80% and reaching more than 500,000 people on Facebook. "It's been incredibly inspiring to see how the campaign has inspired a wave of positivity on social media, with South African's celebrating those that don't often receive any kind of acknowledgement, "concludes Adam Whitehouse ECD Design, NATIVE VML.