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Case study

Bronki Boosters

Asthma affects about 8% of children. That's over one hundred and forty-five million kids, worldwide. It's these early years when most asthma-related fatalities happen. Kids are more sensitive to dust and pollution than adults and haven't learned to self-medicate or to use their inhalers correctly without assistance.

When kids reach between 4 and 8, their risk increases as they leave the safety of their primary caregiver and head off on their own to school.

We knew that if we could get kids to become familiar with their asthma pumps, and learn how to use them correctly from as young an age as possible, we could decrease the number of serious asthma attacks and potentially save lives. 


There's a lack of compelling educational content for kids that deals with asthma and children tend to struggle with the steps involved in using an inhaler correctly. Because of this, they become more vulnerable to the dangers.

We wanted to change the negative perception around asthma and find a way to effectively teach kids how to use their inhalers at as young an age as possible.


We created a kids' content series called the Bronki Boosters. It consists of a cartoon show, comic book series, instructional video platform and product line that places asthma inhalers at the centre of the story.

The story mirrors the struggles that ordinary children with asthma face every day. It follows our characters, Iggy and Wisp, in an intergalactic battle for air against the evil Skyron and his nasty Constrictors. Armed with magical inhalers called Bronki Boosters, they perform the same ritual that young kids with asthma struggle to remember every day.


The campaign landed just before World Asthma Day on the 1st of May 2018. Over the next few months, through focus groups and PR we hope to garner enough interest to reach sufficient economies of scale to launch globally. 

Awards & Recognition

Creative Circle Awards 2018 Integrated