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Case study

Stop The Cycle

Globally, there are an estimated 26 million men, women, and children working as wage slaves to support consumerism.



The Huffington Post SA wanted to highlight the socio-economic and environmental impact behind consumerism to make people think about the implication of their purchases, while sending a clear message to the industries and manufacturers that needed to be held accountable.


Huffpost SA paired with NATIVE VML to came up with engaging adverts which highlighted the harmful impact of consumerism.

We used Facebook's 360deg functionality to display the manufacturing cycle of three industry sectors: namely fashion, mobile communications and chocolate.

This allowed viewers to explore what looked like regular advertising, but revealed the true journey of a product, often involving the exploitation of human and environmental rights.


The campaign had a reach of 621 961, and an engagement rate of +11%

Awards & Recognition

Cannes Lions 2017
Loeries 2017
Creative Circle Awards 2018
Bookmarks Awards 2018
D&AD 2018
One Show Awards 2018