A local partner in global change.

People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP) is a South African non-profit organisation devoted to fighting for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers worldwide. As a group primarily run and staffed by people from the refugee community, they have a unique understanding of the problems faced by displaced persons and a strong motivation to find solutions to these problems. We have partnered with PASSOP on a number of campaigns that seek to address the current crises facing immigrants and refugees. Together we have successfully drawn attention to these major global issues and changed the nature of the conversation surrounding people who are just looking for a better life.

Case study

I Am Muslim, A PASSOP Initiative

The recent terror attacks around the world have driven a wedge between Muslim people and their fellow citizens, fuelling distrust and prejudice. People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty wanted to remind the world that being Islamic does not make someone a terrorist.

We needed to find a way to make citizens of various countries around the world confront the assumptions they might have made about Muslim people in their country and the identity of Muslim people in general. The campaign would have to be powerful to overcome the tenor of prominent media coverage.


Force people to confront their assumptions and prejudices in a way that does not alienate them. Overcome the negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, and show Muslims in a striking way that has never been seen before.


A global poster, print, and social media campaign featuring Muslim women wearing hijabs created in the style of the flag of their native country.


The campaign received an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone who encountered it. Using these simple yet powerful images we were able to get to the heart of a very complex issue and force people around the world to really consider Muslim identity.

Awards & Recognition

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