Taking PepsiCo to the Next Level in South Africa

Since 2015, NATIVE has been working with global icon PepsiCo on their South African digital marketing efforts. PepsiCo's brands, like Lay's, Doritos, Simba Chips, and of course Pepsi, are highly regarded in the South African market. Our goal has been to take PepsiCo brands to the next level, with creative and unique campaigns, like our 'Doritos Jacked' campaign, that use the full power of the digital arena to make brands truly connect with consumers.

Case study

Doritos + You = JACKED

Doritos was bringing Doritos JACKED to SA and needed to tell people what JACKED meant in a way that cut through the clutter. 


We created an epic number of instantly shareable JACKED images and videos to broadcast across social media, but had to rely on the extreme silliness of the content to spread the message.


The new Doritos Jacked chips are epic. To show people how epic these chips are, we took boring, everyday items and turned them into their extreme. The idea is simple: You + Doritos = Jacked.


The epically jacked up Doritos Jacked campaign successfully resulted in a colossal 5613 user-created entries online. It also achieved a total of 160 341 in video views and an almost 1.9 million in online reach. The total effect of the campaign resulted in an overall 9.6 million impressions.