Leading Standard Bank’s Digital Strategy Across the African Continent

NATIVE VML and Standard Bank have been partners for over 8 years. Beyond South Africa's borders, we work with Standard Bank to lead their digital strategy across the African continent. This work ranges from social media management to online video production and more. Standard Bank is an incredibly forward-thinking brand, and we are proud of our continuing relationship that helps Standard Bank, and its customers, to keep 'Moving Forward'.

Case study

Standard Bank: #Today

As a brand that stands for moving people forward, Standard Bank had to find a way to connect with their millennial audience.


Standard Bank wanted to reach and relate to their millennial audience in an authentic and relevant way.


Standard Bank partnered with NATIVE VML and created #TODAY: a social media campaign designed to rebut against procrastination and inspire millennials to realise their dreams #TODAY. The campaign documented twelve social media influencers as they made a personal commitment to themselves to take the first step, while inspiring others to do the same.


The influencer commitments extended the campaign even further into popular culture, connecting to people's real hopes and dreams and helping to move them forward. The campaign had an engagement rate of 70% and 82% in positive sentiment.