There was a point in time when technology like OCR (optical character recognition) was considered artificial intelligence, once OCR became mainstream it was no longer perceived as AI. As I am sure at one point the electronic calculator which was created in the 60s was also considered AI, pretty cutting edge at the time and certainly an extension of our human intelligence that would afford it a place under the title of Artificial Intelligence, now we hardly consider it even a peer of the mighty computer much less intelligent.

Why chatbots are replacing apps

Let's face it, mobile apps have become an overflowing bin of disparate digital objects. A million apps that do mostly the same thing, some better and some worse. Some are one-off campaign apps, and others are struggling businesses barely able to ride through the sea of sameness.

Every app has its own user interface, its own rules, and its own way of interpreting how to filter an image or track your run while draining the life out of our precious smart devices.

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