VML London drives the digital strategy, creative development, and implementation of campaigns across Colgate-Palmolive's leading oral care brands, Europe-wide.

Together with Red Fuse Paris, VML London has brought digital expertise to the IMC campaign approach and changed the way Colgate-Palmolive do digital marketing in Europe.

Our team handles digital strategy, creative design and execution for video, branded content, online advertising and more.

Case study

Introducing Colgate White to the Makeup World.


Move Colgate's whitening products from the bathroom cupboard into every woman's makeup bag.


You must speak the language to join the conversation so we handed the microphone over to those fluent in beauty.



With over 7 million video views across 6 markets, we achieved a 9% lift on the attribute statement: "Colgate Expert White makes me think of beauty". The Perfect Foundation was not only the most successful campaign in the brand's history, achieving a 33% ad recall. But more importantly, it cemented its future within the beauty community, acting as a strong foundation for future campaigns.