Creating brand advantage in a rapidly changing world.

VML began working with PwC UK in late 2013 on their digital engagements. In many ways, we became the digital consultants for the consultants. Not only did we execute forward thinking brand campaigns, but we also worked to establish the very strategic foundation of their digital point of view. VML and PwC work hand-in-hand as client partners to craft the vision for the brand’s digital leadership, as well as highly crafted messaging that brings that vision to life. 

Case study

The world is in beta.

Despite being a top ten recognised brand in the world, PwC have never been renowned for their digital capability both in and outside the business. This ensured that the World is in Beta not only had to be an engaging, perception changing campaign, but also an internal platform that would modify behaviors. 


Create, communicate and demonstrate a uniquely digital point of view that would increase recognition of PwC as a thought leader and change agent for the digital age. 


At the heart of the campaign is a series of five social media films that imagined the near future potential for emerging technologies. Targeted at senior executives and managing directors, these films would encourage them to consider whether their business is ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the changing digital world. 


Anchored by an editorial website, vibrant lead driving blog and a social content strategy that leveraged the vast PwC staff network, we were able to reach over 30 million on Twitter and increase LinkedIn followership by 130%. BWB Marketing also recognized PwC UK as a 'digital superstar' and WIRED magazine said the campaign "speaks WIRED".