Amanda Farmer

Managing Director, VML London

As managing director of VML London, Amanda is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the agency while continuing to accelerate the office's rapid growth trajectory. Amanda will lead the management team to ensure that commercial and operational targets are met, but most importantly, will lead VML’s clients in realizing the untapped potential for creativity and technology to transform the human experience.

Since her arrival at VML as client services director, Amanda has managed VML's biggest clients including Xbox, Virgin Active and Bridgestone. These clients span the full breadth of VML's service offering, and under her leadership we have forged trusting partnerships and delivered exceptional work. Amanda will play a key role in the expansion of VML’s client portfolio, furthering VML’s unique position to help brands thrive in constant change and with digital opportunities.

Amanda has 17 years’ experience in digital, integrated and creative agencies, working across the full spectrum of marketing. She is fascinated by the endless possibilities that new technologies breed, and the impact that digital has on human behavior. Her specialty in enabling clients to harness the power of digital, in combination with her leadership and negotiation skills, has helped clients to add real value to their business.

In addition to chairing the management and operation teams in London, Amanda sits on the VML Global Executive Leadership Team, where she contributes to realizing the vision and evolutionary path of the agency. Amanda also has an integral role in the BIMA Client Service Programme, where she champions diversity and female progress in the industry.