A Vibrant Culture.

Living Digital Lives

Digital is Darwinian; we understand that it’s those who adapt to change that survive in this game. And while others shudder with anxiety in response to the constant digital disruption, we welcome the uncertainty with excitement. So whether you were born swiping screens, thinking in tweets and thriving in the chaos of change that accompanies digital life, or learnt it along the way, VML celebrates digital native thinkers.

Whether it’s showing homage to digital evolution in the form of our Digital History Mural project, our Digital Reception experience or our reactionary social-powered lights, we experienced where digital has been and are excited about the unknown potential it holds for the future.

Although our pillows aren’t made out of pixels or our walls cemented with code, VML is a home for native digital thinkers. Being a digital native is far more than a birthright, it’s understanding change and adapting accordingly. If that sits uneasy with you, you might feel a little uncomfortable here. 

Everything We Are Is In Everything We Do

With its Art Deco exterior and 1920s ambiance, the Greater London House connotes tradition. But we all know that looks can be deceiving, and unlike the outside, the walls within (most of which are writable or pinnable), offer an open-planned space where ideas can be freely expressed.

To understand a digital life you have to do more than experience it, you have to live it, and living a digital life can be draining. The weight of wearable gadgets, the chaffing Google Cardboard leaves on the bridge of your nose and the strain drone racing has on your thumbs, all takes a toll on the body. With lunchtime yoga, running club and bi-weekly massages, you can be sure to iron out any knots caused by the job and then some.

Perfectly situated in the mismatched charm of Camden, we are the geeks, the explorers, the experimenters, and VML is where we belong. From our superhero themed staff party, to our Bond-ing, James Bond themed Xmas soiree, here at VML no day is the same (apart from biscuit Wednesdays. And even then, occasionally a Jammy Dodger makes an appearance to sabotage ritual). 

Paying It Forward

VML also takes many opportunities to partner with organisations that are close to our employees and their families. Every year, we’re honored to support a variety of nonprofits with our range of expertise, including design, social, and creative campaigns.

We’re also always happy to get our hands dirty to give back. Whether it’s getting on all fours planting poppies around the Tower of London, or clearing Camden charity shops of towels for our Christmas Crisis collection, we’re proud to help others in need.

For all the time we spend helping our clients realise the opportunities brought about by digital technology, one of the most important things to us is to remember that our digital lives are privileged lives. Digital is great for the advancement of society, but society does not revolve around marketing or technology. Our charity events are simply about reminding ourselves how lucky we are and to give something back.