Case study

How an iconic moment for a few became an immersive experience for everyone.

For the past 30 years, Gatorade has crowned the champions of the Super Bowl with the iconic dunk at the end of the game. Although it is seen by millions of broadcast viewers, it's only been experienced by a select few individuals since its inception. 


How could the brand allow its fans on social media to take part in the celebration?


The Snapchat Gatorade dunk went live the day of the Super Bowl and featured a 3-D representation of the iconic Gatorade cooler seen on every NFL sideline. Through Snapchat's facial recognition technology, users could select the Gatorade lens to activate an interactive augmented reality Gatorade cooler to splash over their head, giving the impression that the user had just experienced a true Gatorade dunk. 


More than 165MM platform views and 8MM unique user-generated videos helped create an increase in brand favorability and purchase intent.