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Though long-standing, VML's partnership with Kellogg is constantly evolving and growing. Over 12 years ago, we started work on the Apple Jacks brand, but that led us to becoming the lead digital agency across most Kellogg brands, including Eggo, Pop-Tarts, Frosted Flakes, Special K, Rice Krispies, Cheez-It and more.

We’ve since handled fully-integrated product launches, seasonal promotions, and ongoing support for Kellogg’s reward platform. We also developed KSTL, a platform that supports streamlined, efficient and consistent site development across Kellogg internationally. Today, we continue to drive strategy, creative development, digital production and analytics for a range of programs.

Case study

Branding snack time for weight-conscious women.

Special K’s new Moments snack bites were about to be a tasty new addition to the brand’s already successful lineup of food. However, the target’s perception was that treats were taboo when trying to keep a healthy weight.


Launch Special K’s new Moments and reframe perception of treats from taboo to a sweetly positive piece of a weight management journey.


Leverage the products’ name and its “three-bite size.” Craft three-word headlines of perfect “moments" to prove it's okay to indulge in small victories with a little snack. Invite women to submit their own #3BiteMoment on Facebook and Twitter.


The creative generated so much interest that the Moments product page on was the top landing page throughout the campaign and 46 percent of the traffic was new visitors to