Changing consumers' minds and habits.

Kimberly-Clark has been a client partner to VML for years, and recently we’ve expanded to provide global support to a number of the company’s family care brands. VML has provided unique brand insights, thoughtful digital activations, and compelling ideas that inspire new consumer choices and increase sales for Kleenex, Viva, Cottonelle, and Scott.

As digital agency of record, we consistently get customers talking about and for the brands throughout social spaces. As our partnership grows, we continue to develop digital platforms for authentic fan engagement, build and implement interactive apps, and design user experiences that seamlessly integrate intuitive design and a unique brand voice. 

Case study

Making reason work with emotion.

Cottonelle has a variety of toilet paper and flushable wipe products that boast efficiency and strength without sacrificing comfort. But for many consumers, these products can compete with each other, rather than work together. The brand brought VML on board to help open people’s eyes to a new possibility of clean.


Convince consumers dry-paper only wiping isn't the best way to achieve an ideal clean, and that only Cottonelle provides an optimal dry + moist plan.


Challenge the “cleaning logic” of everyday people. We asked them, “If dry alone isn’t good enough in other situations, why is it good enough in the bathroom?” We triggered powerful—and hilarious—“ah-ha” moments and featured them on social media.


Over 1.5 million people tested watched our long-form videos, which saw an unprecedented 40 percent completion rate. We hit 140 percent of our earned media impressions goal and drove up Cottonelle’s equity score six percent from their all-time record.